Thursday, December 15, 2005

11:52 AM - posted by StatusNil:The Choice Has Been Made.  --- 1 comments

Time for some clarity !Well, after months of weighing my options, the decision has been made, and I feel I won't regret this: I'm semi-resigning as president of the ClickBurg Foundation to free up time to work on my comics AND to work on Probeersel.com. I've been having ambitious plans with this site for longer than I care to remember and it's about damn time I revive this collective's look, feel and functionality.

So over the upcoming year, expect changes, lots of them. And expect new work from my hand, lots of it. I am really happy with this decision and I trust you will be too. Probeersel.com will live once more !

Laat ik deze posting met deze voor vandaag zo toepasselijke titel maar even gebruiken om je erop te wijzen dat je mailbox vol zit.

Toeval o toeval: vandaag is de dag dat het precies vijftien jaar geleden is dat de allereerste webcomic verscheen op Usenet: Where The Buffalo Roam. Mooie datum om met een (web)stripblog te stoppen. En ja, daar ging mijn mailtje over...
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