Thursday, April 06, 2006

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Hey fellow probeerselers... I was wondering if anyone could give a fellow comic artist some advice in dealing with artist/writer's block.

It's been months since I last worked on Milk, Sex, & Cookies and I just haven't been feeling the motivation or inspiration during all this time. I will admit I get ideas for other comics, but none relating to MS&C. What doesn't help either is I moved a few months ago and still don't have everything I use to make MS&C come to life - ie. my computer (using bf's laptop), drawing supplies and a scanner. About the only thing I have are the prelimenary sketches and 8x10 copies of the final pages.

Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

When working on The Grim DotCom I 'layer' the story. I have a general outline of what I'll be telling with the upcoming year's story, I then have what I call a 'storyline backbone' which basically lists all the episodes and summarizes each episode in one line (making the outline a bit more concrete and already allowing for the first element of storyline timing), and then I also 'storyboard' the episode. All this because drawing the actual comic itself is a time-consuming endeavour and I don't like to suddenly change my mind about what I'm making halfway the process or later. It also allows for a lot of rewriting and for easy 'stepping back' and reviewing where I'm going with it all again.
The short version of this tip: try to create a bit of structure. Where was the story going ? What is the end conclusion ? Which plot twists are you going to use ? Who are the characters and how do their personality traits fit in all this ?

Usually when you chart out stuff that way, you'll see that things fit a bit easier than you thought when you were freewheeling it. It also helps to ponder these matters just before you fall asleep (notepad on the bedstand, of course) or in the shower, to my experience.

I don't know if any other storytellers here have further advice, but that's basically the tried and tested approach that works wonders for me. And look, The Grim DotCom's justabout at three years and running ! ;)
you can come to tilburg and suck my dick. that'll give you some inspiration. tt
Any luck yet with the writing, Liz ?
Do you smoke the green? That helps me. I haven't done that in a while though. Hmm...two and two comin' together? Seriously, though. I like to find someplace where I'm at peace (usually in the woods) and then just scribble. That tends to loosen some stuck gears.
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