Plagiarism is bad

Rene tells me this is really limited as far as readership is concerned, and I am fully aware of this, but I believe in spreading the word and all that "aware" shit. Also I am very fond of this cartoonist and hate to see a big corporate dickhole exploit that which is not his. So tell your friends. If you haven't heard of this already, here's the deal. Cartoonist Shmorky of Purple Pussy and Something Awful found out a few days ago that Todd "Goliath" has taken a panel from Purple Pussy, recreated it, and placed it on display in a major art gallery claiming it as his own. Legal action is being pursued, and the major opinion is that this hack of David and Goliath T-shirt fame has gone too far in his self-absorbed opinion that, just because he found this image online, nobody would EVER know. Fuck you, mister. For more info, check out Retro Crush . Oh, and be on the lookout for some Penguism!


Hey fellow probeerselers... I was wondering if anyone could give a fellow comic artist some advice in dealing with artist/writer's block. It's been months since I last worked on Milk, Sex, & Cookies and I just haven't been feeling the motivation or inspiration during all this time. I will admit I get ideas for other comics, but none relating to MS&C. What doesn't help either is I moved a few months ago and still don't have everything I use to make MS&C come to life - ie. my computer (using bf's laptop), drawing supplies and a scanner. About the only thing I have are the prelimenary sketches and 8x10 copies of the final pages. Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Freedom of Speech

Several of's comics have shown support for the notion that Freedom of Speech is vital to a democracy and should always allow any speech, including impopular opinion. This, of course, is in response to the matter of the Danish cartoons that set the world on fire . In case you missed them, or some of them, I've decided to line up the strips here.

The Choice Has Been Made.

Well, after months of weighing my options, the decision has been made, and I feel I won't regret this: I'm semi-resigning as president of the ClickBurg Foundation to free up time to work on my comics AND to work on I've been having ambitious plans with this site for longer than I care to remember and it's about damn time I revive this collective's look, feel and functionality. So over the upcoming year, expect changes, lots of them. And expect new work from my hand, lots of it. I am really happy with this decision and I trust you will be too. will live once more !

We need to hear from you. Please read this carefully.

We have 15 members now. FIFTEEN members ! And 34 comics. And over five hundred unique readers average per day. Wowsah. When I started this site four years ago, I figured we'd get a group of five or six or so artists together and perhaps a few comics. It's all grown so damn big, it's hard to believe. Which makes this very hard for me to write. Because I've always loved the whole project dearly and I love that it's fairly successful. But I may need to quit. Between and ClickBurg I'm getting way too busy with everything and I'm more and more exhausted these days. I love every minute of it because both projects really have a heart AND a whole lot of people eagerly supporting it, but I'm really getting overworked. And I want to know that I'm getting overworked for a reason. If not, I may have to consider pulling the plug on some activities and projects, for the sake of my own sanity and wallet. And focus on my comics themselv


Stripfestijn Dordrecht is another big convention where won't show up. Except for myself - I've gotten myself involved with a new comics magazine called De Lijn (the line), which will have a different theme (and title) for each issue and will feature the work of young and fairly unknown but promising artists. The zero-issue will be introduced at this convention, and I'm currently dotting the i's on my ten-page solo contribution to this, a story called "Reaper, Baby", which will appear on sometime in the next few weeks as part of The Artificial Real. Since I'm usually the guy who arranges for us to be at a convention (usually meaning that I got 'us' on ClickBurg, and didn't get enough people enthousiastic to get us on the Groningen con) and I'm preoccupied, and since the sales of stands has closed by now (at least to my knowledge), won't be there. Still, I hope to see some of you - artists ánd


Well, we have an open invite by the organisation of the Small Press convention in Groningen , and I've asked the Probeersel artists who wants to go. Elizabeth , Gregory , Jon and Benjamin so far responded that they won't be able to make it. However, Marz has shown interest. If a few more of us are willing to go, I'll be coming along as well. So come on, guys, who wants to go up north ? Update: I won't be going either, and I have my doubts about Argibald , Troy Titane , and Bandirah as well since we're all invited to a very select party celebrating Bandirah's one-year anniversary with I'm also fairly certain Joep won't be going since so far he's not game for the cons, and the remaining Americans Satan , Patrick and Sionnain probably won't be able to make it either. So no in Groningen, I'm afraid. I will, however, attempt to go to this convention as a visitor.