Thursday, May 19, 2005

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Goin' SoloStripfestijn Dordrecht is another big convention where Probeersel.com won't show up. Except for myself - I've gotten myself involved with a new comics magazine called De Lijn (the line), which will have a different theme (and title) for each issue and will feature the work of young and fairly unknown but promising artists. The zero-issue will be introduced at this convention, and I'm currently dotting the i's on my ten-page solo contribution to this, a story called "Reaper, Baby", which will appear on Probeersel.com sometime in the next few weeks as part of The Artificial Real.

Since I'm usually the guy who arranges for us to be at a convention (usually meaning that I got 'us' on ClickBurg, and didn't get enough people enthousiastic to get us on the Groningen con) and I'm preoccupied, and since the sales of stands has closed by now (at least to my knowledge), Probeersel.com won't be there. Still, I hope to see some of you - artists ánd audience alike - there, since this *will* be the official first time ever that I'll be sitting at a booth for actual promotional activities. After all, on ClickBurg I was mostly still running around - one of the drawbacks of being the organizer - and this time I'll *really* be one of the guys sitting there all day. It drives me nuts just thinking about it... please come make my day more interesting ! I'll draw on anything you like, just be there ! Sunday June 5th, Dordrecht, the Netherlands...

and from a reliable source i have taken that i will be there too, there in dordrecht
yes, and argibald too.
A reliable source told me René was late, verrrrrrrry late! We postponed the Clickie Award Ceremony because Mr. Van Densen was still sleeping after a night filled with booze. Prosit!
Considering it was mr. Van Densen who told you, and it was also him who slept in, I'm not sure you should call this a 'reliable' source, Jeroen...
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