Monday, August 15, 2005

6:31 AM - posted by StatusNil:We need to hear from you. Please read this carefully.  --- 4 comments

Please, tell me.We have 15 members now. FIFTEEN members ! And 34 comics. And over five hundred unique readers average per day. Wowsah.
When I started this site four years ago, I figured we'd get a group of five or six or so artists together and perhaps a few comics. It's all grown so damn big, it's hard to believe.
Which makes this very hard for me to write. Because I've always loved the whole Probeersel.com project dearly and I love that it's fairly successful.

But I may need to quit. Between Probeersel.com and ClickBurg I'm getting way too busy with everything and I'm more and more exhausted these days. I love every minute of it because both projects really have a heart AND a whole lot of people eagerly supporting it, but I'm really getting overworked. And I want to know that I'm getting overworked for a reason. If not, I may have to consider pulling the plug on some activities and projects, for the sake of my own sanity and wallet. And focus on my comics themselves instead.

This is not a shout-out to the artists to publish less or anything, nor is it a shout-out to the staff. Because I know that if I really would quit, several of them would most likely continue what we were doing here. That's not why I'm writing this. I'm not quitting. Yet. But I might.

It's a shout-out to readers of this site who want it to continue to exist. I want to hear from you all. Everyone who isn't a Probeersel.com artist and wants the site to continue, please respond. Let us know that you treasure this site. Write what you like best about it. Write which artists you admire, or which comics. Or in any case, be honest about it, write which comics you don't like, or wether or not you care about the site. I want to hear it all for once. I've enabled anonymous comments in hope that everyone will feel free to give us honest feedback. I really want to know, because if this site should continue, it will need to grow drastically - everything will have to become bigger and better. New design, improved technology, more promotion, more artists, more comics, more involvement with our audience, more hosting expenses, the works. But if it turns out that no one really cares.. why should we bother then ? Why wouldn't I just up and quit then and leave things in no doubt capable hands of whoever wants to continue it ? I really, really, REALLY need to know if it's worth it all. So please tell me.

How do you feel about Probeersel.com ?

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