Sunday, March 20, 2005

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Back From The UK

Welp, I'm back from the Web and Mini Comics Thing 2005 in London, which I was visiting (as announced in the Probeersel news).
And as usual, I have spent countless hours that I *should* have spent drawing or coding, on making a nice photo report for you all to enjoy.

Here's the English version.
Here's the Dutch version.

Monday, March 07, 2005

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Hrm.Well, our new Belgian member apparently never received the invitation email I sent to him, so I had to resend it. I hope that we'll see him and his work on the site soon. Another new member (an American !) who will be joining soon was delayed due to some confusion in the audition process. Due to being too busy I haven't been able to get our new members their business cards yet. And to top all this off, today I discovered (while at work, which makes it impossible for me to correct anything) that there's another bug in the Probeersel.com code, which means a lot of the episodes of the weekly comics (which, luckily, only include Satan's Purrrgatory and The Grim DotCom, so only my own work) from this year are now temporarily 'invisible'. I really hope things will run smoother again soon, because all in all these are bad signals on an otherwise not too shabby track record for Probeersel.com.

Update. Welp, I've killed the site entirely. It's not completely my fault: no one bothered to tell me that the updated version of the site manager included a new version of the file manager, which, contrary to the old version, only allows a much smaller size file to be edited than the script that runs our site. So when I made a minor change and saved it, it chopped off a large portion of the rest of the script because it was outside of the allowed filesize. Yay !
Right now there's nothing I can do about it from work because I don't have the original script handy. A copy is available on my home computer but I'm physically on the other side of the country... I hope our staff member Tom can fix it, otherwise Probeersel.com will be offline until sometime this evening, folks.
I do apologize for all this. Chalk it down to a very bad day.

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