Friday, April 06, 2007

7:04 PM - posted by Anonymous:Plagiarism is bad  --- 7 comments

Rene tells me this is really limited as far as readership is concerned, and I am fully aware of this, but I believe in spreading the word and all that "aware" shit. Also I am very fond of this cartoonist and hate to see a big corporate dickhole exploit that which is not his. So tell your friends.

If you haven't heard of this already, here's the deal. Cartoonist Shmorky of Purple Pussy and Something Awful found out a few days ago that Todd "Goliath" has taken a panel from Purple Pussy, recreated it, and placed it on display in a major art gallery claiming it as his own. Legal action is being pursued, and the major opinion is that this hack of David and Goliath T-shirt fame has gone too far in his self-absorbed opinion that, just because he found this image online, nobody would EVER know. Fuck you, mister. For more info, check out Retro Crush.

Oh, and be on the lookout for some Penguism!

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