Wednesday, April 20, 2005

2:35 PM - posted by StatusNil:Groningen  --- 0 comments

Who Wants To Go Up North ?Well, we have an open invite by the organisation of the Small Press convention in Groningen, and I've asked the Probeersel artists who wants to go. Elizabeth, Gregory, Jon and Benjamin so far responded that they won't be able to make it. However, Marz has shown interest. If a few more of us are willing to go, I'll be coming along as well. So come on, guys, who wants to go up north ?

Update: I won't be going either, and I have my doubts about Argibald, Troy Titane, and Bandirah as well since we're all invited to a very select party celebrating Bandirah's one-year anniversary with Probeersel.com. I'm also fairly certain Joep won't be going since so far he's not game for the cons, and the remaining Americans Satan, Patrick and Sionnain probably won't be able to make it either. So no Probeersel.com in Groningen, I'm afraid. I will, however, attempt to go to this convention as a visitor.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

10:20 AM - posted by bandirah:nieuw tekeningenblad de swasbeer  --- 0 comments

er is weer eens een nieuw blad met tekeningen. dit blad heet de swasbeer, bevat zesendertig pagina’s retecoole prenten en wordt op één mei op clickburg offiesjeel gepresenteerd. de swasbeer bevat tekeningen van bandirah, linda van bruggen, laetitia zitman, kasperdekunstenaar, rogier veldstra, kultabar, polo ice, troy titane, matt joyce, donorbrain, rob van barneveld en zookie. de swasbeer is in zwartwit gedrukt en zal twee euro gaan kosten. dus steek uw muntstuk vast bij u. een groot gedeelte van de tekenaars zal aanwezig zijn op clickburg om uw exemplaar van de swasbeer nummer negen van een passende illustratie te voorzien.

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