Doodspraak presentation !

November 21st, 2004: Eric-Jan van Gorkum and Anton Dautzenberg (aka Troy Titane) had the presentation for their book "Doodspraak" in bar Cul de Sac, Tilburg (see also our news article about it). As could be expected, we're giving you a photo report of the evening - however, I found out at home that my camera was on close-up setting so everything on the stage came out blurry.. I apologise for this.

Update: If you want clearer pictures, there's another photo gallery here, and if you look really well you can spot René and Bandirah in the crowd, and of course everyone mentioned below. You'll be missing the explanatory comments though.

Another update: there's yet another photo gallery available here, where you can also spot Jean-Paul Arends.


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