Friday, December 10, 2004

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Three Artists And A Funeral.Finally, a December posting. It's not like we haven't been busy and have nothing to report, folks, it's just - and I'm speaking for myself here, if any of the other artists have something to say they should say it, since they all have access to this blog.. - the things we're working on are long-term things so to say anything about it now would be premature. But don't worry, plenty of more news to come in the near future !

Meanwhile, I guess I should note that the Histies are going to be buried after New Year. Originally, Bandirah wanted to kick them all offline, which I would have respected, but I think this first run of his cartoons contains a few gems which should be saved. So I suggested that to him, and the plan was formed to decide which Histies would be erased from the past (enjoy them all while you can !!) and which Histies would get a proper funeral and be saved for future generations to enjoy. And who better to plan a funeral with than myself (author of a weekly comic about Death) and Troy Titane (author of a book about death, see previous post) ?
So we're all going to visit Bandirah in his humble home around the end of December, get appropriately drunk, and go over all of his cartoons in an attempt to decide which will pass on into digital heaven, and which should continue to haunt our little webcomics initiative forever.
I'll probably bring my crappy camera along, so who knows, perhaps there'll be another photo report of that on here. If anyone cares to see it.

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