Monday, December 27, 2004

9:21 AM - posted by StatusNil:Pictures From The Funeral Parlor.  --- 3 comments

Is that really me!? And what did I say!?
You don't remember ?
I thought you were very convincing. As Jeroen Mirck.
Even down to the point that you refused to reveal anything about this year's Winners and Losers of the world of comics article. Although, now that I think of it, you didn't bring up Peter Breedveld all evening. And, in fact, didn't seem to know who he was.
Geez ! On second thought, the actor playing you wasn't convincing at all.

I have an itch.
Breedveld? Breedveld? Who's that?
A priest?
A soccer player?
A dirty old man showing his penis to young girls?
A pugilist?
A Dutch right-wing politician?
An alter ego of Piet Grijs?
A professor in chemistry?
Or maybe a lousy journalist? (Nah!)
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