Thursday, November 11, 2004

1:07 PM - posted by StatusNil:We get a lucky break !  --- 0 comments

Free Stuff - wooo !Protagonist.nl, the company that hosts Probeersel.com, has upgraded all their clients' accounts for free, I just found out. Which is awfully lucky, because we were nearing the 200 MB storage limit, as well as the bandwidth limit, and the former has now become 300 MB and the latter has nearly tripled ! With no extra cost whatsoever !
I must admit, with occasional trouble we've had with Protagonist in the past, and with the knowledge there are much cheaper hosting companies out there, I've been keeping my eyes open the past weeks for any better deals to possibly consider, but I have to admit, this little gesture of theirs will most likely keep me (us) their client.
Yay for Protagonist !

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