Friday, October 29, 2004

1:02 PM - posted by StatusNil:We're not out of the woods yet...  --- 1 comments

Crap ! I want to go enjoy my vacation damnit !!Unfortunately, despite testing and bugfixing before putting the new engine into production, there are some bugs remaining. Tom and I are doing our best to figure them out, but he's of course busy with his study and can only put in occasional bits of spare time, and I'm no hero with the new database, nor with the new code he put in, so we're getting there little step by little step. The bugs aren't really major, thank god. One of them is that the week now starts on Monday instead of Sunday, and I'm sure there's some way to fix that. Somehow. And another is that the current comics popularity tracker apparently tracks unique page views instead of unique visits to a comic/series, causing a very confusing and rapidly changing list of five most popular comics. So, fellow artists, don't worry, your comic hasn't suddenly lost popularity, people are just clicking around too much on various other comics, causing them to go way up. We'll attempt to fix bugs like these as soon as possible, but despite it being my vacation right now, I also have a schedule that's crammed full. Blah !
And, of course, then there's the half year report coming up on Monday... need to start getting the information together for that, as well... as well as many, many other things that require my attention. So if there was anyone out there envying me for whatever reason (say, the fact that I have two weeks vacation right now, for instance) --- DON'T. Trust me, I'm not in any enviable place yet.

Ok, small update on that - it *looks* like all the bugs are out, now.
I would like to call our audience and anyone else reading this up to let us know if you notice anything out of the ordinary, since, despite excessive testing and bugfixing, there might of course always be some small thing we overlooked. But as far as I can tell, we're finally good to go !
(Again, major thanks to Tom, who patiently assisted in fixing bugs when they were way over my own head)
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