Monday, October 11, 2004

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The booklet is being printed this week. This means that seven of our ten artist members will be appearing in print, most for the first time. Sure, it's just a small promo booklet, and it's in black and white, but still, there's 1500 of them being printed and as mentioned before, they'll be distributed in the Striptas on the Str!pdagen. I have the test print lying around in the house right now, in fact, and despite several points of perfectionism that annoy me, it came out pretty decent.
As for a few of the bigger issues with it, I already explained that to the people involved and I see no reason to mention that in public. The perfectionist things are embarassing enough as they are..

Anyway, just thought I'd keep you all up to date. So if you happen to be a member of Het Stripschap, or if you are one of the special invitees, expect to find this nifty little booklet in the free Striptas !

Now all there's left for me to do is pick the booklets up later this week, deliver them at the Archeon, and wait another week to see if Bandirah's prediction comes true and we really WILL see thousands of them just tossed on the floor in the Archeon, with muddy footsteps on them. If it does come true, I'll make sure to take pictures of the mess :)

I dragged a really big, really heavy suitcase out to Alphen a/d Rijn today with the 1500 booklets, folks. My back hurts, my hand has (thankfully invisible) blisters, and I sure as hell hope you guys appreciate what I'm doing for you ;)
Seriously, though, the booklets came out great, and I want to thank all the artists who contributed. I'm going to the convention tomorrow and if I see anyone reading the booklets, I'll do my best to take pics for you all !
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