Sunday, October 24, 2004

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Str!pdagen 2004It's currently Sunday night and my back and feet are sore from walking around endlessly on the Str!pdagen convention. I guess I should at least tell you all a little bit about it - I'm going to keep it brief because a bigger article should appear later this week on the site. With hopefully several pictures of myself and Bandirah in the crowd. I'm waiting for other people to put their pictures online - mine can already be found in this thread on the StripLiefhebbers Forum, but the commentary is all Dutch, bear that in mind.

I've seen four StripTassen (of 1500) and all contained the booklet (and none had a double copy) so I'm fairly sure everyone who got a StripTas has the booklet and now knows about us ! Bandirah got the copy from my own StripTas, and today the organisation was semi-randomly handing out the last remaining ones in the crowd by the time the day was nearly over. So I, of course, obtained a copy of my own as well now ;) Don't worry, other Probeersel artists, I will still be running a second printing (which will no doubt put me in red numbers again) especially for you and your friends and family, as I promised through email. So you'll all be getting one as well !

I also exchanged a fair amount of interesting links and email addresses, which means I'll have some more work coming my way this week, sending people stuff, adding new great links and reviews to the site, etcetera. I also really desperately need to work on The Grim DotCom because I'm behind on schedule and if I don't, soon no new episodes will appear. And today a nasty bug appeared in the new engine of the site which seems to fail to comprehend that a new week has already begun. I hope Tom can look into it because his programming code is way over my head (I already checked).
But all that work will have to wait because right now I'm going to give my poor back a rest, put my poor feet up, and enjoy a nice, fresh, cold Dronken Vis. I think I deserve it.

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