Saturday, October 09, 2004

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Don't mind me, I'm just pluggin'Just to let all of you know, there is a site called ComicAlert out there.
This nifty site checks for you wether or not your favourite webcomics have updated recently and lets you know through an automated XML-file that is specifically yours and where you can add all your favourite comics to (provided they're in their extensive list already). Given all the controversy on the web as of late about deeplinking and sites that 'steal' your newest episode for reader convenience (in other words, sites that continuously show the latest episode of various popular webcomics, thrown together on one page, like here), ComicAlert was smart and basically only lets you know it's been updated, with a link to the page with the new episode on it.
This idea benefits both audience and creator, so anyone whose comic isn't in there yet should join the club ! I took it for a lil' testdrive after I noticed someone submitted The Grim DotCom (honest, I didn't submit it myself) and despite joining at a bad time (a lot of their service was temporarily postponed because of huge updates to their system and software) they helped me to activate the comic AND list me as its author relatively quickly. (Considering the amount of work it must have taken to rewrite large parts of their code and create more automated processes and easier ways for them to administrate the whole shabang, which is what they did (I was told), I think the one or two months that it took were short. After all, we've been updating the Probeersel.com setup for nearly a year or so now just to get the site more stable.)
In other words, it should go much smoother for other people. I got the worst-case-scenario (ha ha) and even that wasn't all that bad, plus I was kept neatly up to date by the people behind it who must have been flooded with questions about the delays.

So if you're really into XML-readers (and a lot of folks are these days) and you like The Grim DotCom and/or any of the other thousands of comics they list there, you should create your free account and start adding those comics to your list ! Please, don't hesitate to add The Grim DotCom, of course ;)
And if you're a webcomic artist looking to reach a wider audience through a banner-income-friendly route, sign up your comic !

Alright, I'm done plugging. I just really like the initiative.

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