Tuesday, September 07, 2004

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Booze only gets you so farWell, the alcohol has worn off by now: another new headline at ComicBase.nl has dropped our booze fest off the front page. Still, our statistics have shown AND are showing promising growth currently, but the referrers are a bit unclear if you want to figure out where these visitors are coming from (URL-wise). A lot of people visit our site from this blog, which makes me wish Blogger had statistics available as well.
Note to self: MUST integrate the blog into the new Probeersel.com setup (and, of course, provide the possibility for an own blog for each of the artists) and then, of course, find a way to log statistics of that so we get a better view on wether or not that article did us any good.

Perhaps it's just all our fans having been on nice long summer vacations and finally returning to find loads and loads of new material and new artists.

I'm looking forward to Greg's new work (previous posts) and of course Béné, Troy, Jon and Satan are sporadically updating with really good stuff. I also hope Sionnain returns soon, if only because it means she'll have made a full recovery.
Then there's also Bandirah's internet radio shows to enjoy (see his blog), and I'm personally working on a short story (whenever I have time) that I kind of need to keep a secret for a while, since it's a collaboration project. But you'll be sure to hear about it on here when the time is ready, and get this: it'll be an actual comic book, the kind you can order and hold in your hands and snuggle up against at night. So if anyone out there was waiting impatiently for my work's first official appearance in print (I know several people are, including some of my old teachers who have pre-ordered it over a decennium ago, in complete faith that eventually I would appear in print) keep your eye on this blog !

What I guess I'm trying to say is: if you guys keep visiting, we'll try our best to make every one of your visits an interesting one.

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