Thursday, September 16, 2004

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There's a new comics convention coming up in the Netherlands, the annual Str!pdagen in the Archeon, Alphen aan de Rijn. It will be on the 23rd and 24th of October, and Probeersel.com will be there !
Well - we're not there with a stand or anything, and we're not on the guest list - as with previous conventions, I will be there merely as a visitor, and who knows, perhaps some of the other artists will come as well. We'll see. I will, in any case, be there to promote the site, chat with artists and fans, perhaps hand out some free shirts, etc.
But we're all working hard right now to also present all the members of Het Str!pschap (the organisation behind this event), which mostly consists of people interested in comics (in other words, our target audience), with a little artist showcase booklet that shows off the work of our artists. It's already taking shape now and I'm glad to report a lot of the artists are joining in, so it should be an interesting little book.

Unfortunately, this booklet will be in the special free-stuff-bag that only members of Het Str!pschap, the press, and other invited guests will receive. Still, there will be 1500 bags handed out, so we're reaching a lot of people here. You can have one of these limited-edition booklets, too, simply by becoming a member of Het Str!pschap and showing up at the event. Being a member also gives you free entrance (Archeon is also a theme park, so admittance is kind of hefty). Visitors who are not members and of ages 4-11 pay 10,20 and visitors over 11 pay 14,20. Visitors under the age of 4 are allowed inside free, by the way. They are offering you a discount if you print out the discount text and show up with that. Membership of Het Str!pschap costs Eur 19,95 per year (so if you go both days and are over 11 years old, you've already earned that back). Annnddd, as said, if you're a member, you will receive the free goodies bag with this one-time print Artist Showcase booklet.

So, now that that bit of free advertising is over with, who's going ??

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