Monday, August 23, 2004

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Media tracker.Over the upcoming week I'll be paying more attention to any recent mentionings of our site on other sites, message boards, news articles etc. - simply because I feel like it. I'm especially curious to see how far our P-day report travels.

In any case:

Getting journalists drunk helps ! Jeroen Mirck has put up a little news article on ComicBase.nl about the booze binging we did.

Meanwhile, one of the reasons I could get away with being hungover this weekend was that the daily Worst Case Scenario was taken care of. Special thanks there to Rutger Ockhorst, who very proudly reports on his site:

August 21st
Two strips I made, inspired on my trip to Bal du Rat Mort, have been used as guest episodes of Worst Case Scenario, by Joep van Abeelen and René van Densen from Probeersel.com

Also, on ComixPedia, Damonk wrote a rant against the endless babbling webcomic artists who should - in his opinion - instead just draw. He says, amongst things:

Stop caring about who is popular NOW, who deserves to be popular and who doesn't, who is Mister or Miss Webcomic Thang. Stop worrying about how to join Webcomic Corp M or be initiated into Cartoonist Coven P.

It's most likely a coincidence (since the article shows an alphabetical line-up leading up to this M/P bit), but still. Webcomic Corp M--odernTales ? Cartoonist Coven P--robeersel ? ;)

Also, Ruben Libgott shows appreciation for the pictures I took in Tilburg of the TIK-week (University introduction week) where the mascottes of this year's edition of the week were his own comic character creations, Geert & Beert.

More to come later, I'm sure.

"Getting journalists drunk helps!"

Well, it does, apparently ;) And since you're now writing about marketing these days, you should really bear that in mind. Annnnd being one of this country's more acclaimed comics journalists, you should allow that advice to seep into the minds of other young-and-eager comic artists - think of all the booze you'll receive !!

*Looks into his wallet* one of the reasons I might skip the Stripdagen in Archeon, in fact, since several journalists are likely to be there... ;)
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