Friday, August 20, 2004

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So where are WE ?As festivals go, the Netherlands are on a roll this summer. Plenty of events and even if you subtract the events that comic artists WON'T be attending, there are STILL plenty of events this summer. Bal du Rat Mort, Haarlem, Valkenswaard, etc. etc. - and Lowlands.
Yes, the music festival Lowlands is, and has been for a few years, also a comic artists event. There's a special cage - yes, seriously - where a group of the better-known Nukomix comic artists are drawing comics, live, that will be published as second half of a special book that will come out the last day of the festival. Most Lowland-enthousiasts already know this, but this information is for the people who've never gone there - especially those outside the Netherlands.
So a lot of comic artists will also be visiting, just to hang out with their peers. And where are we Probeersel artists ? Well, we're.. NOT THERE.
We're not denied access, nor do we specifically hate the idea of mingling with the other artists there - we simply have something better to do.
This weekend it's P-day. Although over half of our members won't be there, it should be fun, and we'll try to take some pictures if not make a full photographic report. If you're all very nice, we might even post them online.

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