Wednesday, August 18, 2004

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P-day is coming - and moreWell, we're nearing the day of the first big 'Probeersel Gathering' which I'm labelling P-Day here. So get your bladders in gear because there's likely to be a lot of drinking involved !
My camera still seems to be in good working condition so expect to see pictures of the big event coming up afterwards. Again, I'm not saying where it will be or when because we want to keep it sort of informal and the invitees have already been informed where to go. So just sit back and we'll tell you all about it later.

Meanwhile, I noticed yet another site has copied one of my reviews. Cool beans ! What initially started out as just a bit of extra information for our site's own readers before they click a link, is turning out to be a nice marketing tool to get people to link back to you. If you have a comics website out there, rembember this: reviews work.

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