Sunday, August 22, 2004

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To celebrate Probeersel.com's three year existence and its success, and also to just get together and have fun, we organised a day out in Tilburg for the Probeersel.com peeps. It turned out to be a rather nice day, even weather-wise (although rain did fall earlier that day) and we had all agreed to get together at bar Cul de Sac in Tilburg.
The people who were present:
Bandirah, Troy Titane,
Bandirah & Troy Titane
Béné van Gansbeke, his spouse,
Béné and his wife
comics journalist Jeroen Mirck,
Jeroen Mirck
the obligatory bag of flour (traditional for Probeersel get-togethers since Haarlem),
The bag of flour and the one who started this tradition
René van Densen,
René 'dirty old man' van Densen
Probeersel.com staff member Tom Geelen,
Tom 'trust us Tom we wont upload this picture' Geelen
and Karol, a friend of Bandirah who showed up later in the evening.
Poor Karl.

It all started out innocently enough, we talked in lovely weather on the terrace of the Cul de Sac until it was time to go to the restaurant (Tom was late, though - shame on you, Tom !) where we enjoyed some very nice wine.
I think it was the wine that's to blame for everything else. Yes, I'm fairly sure of it now. I mean, look at it.
Pure Evil.
And then there was the mysterious bag of flour.

It didn't really go all that badly until Troy decided it was time to take pictures of crotches.
For the ladies.
Also for the ladies.

Béné rethinks his Probeersel.com membership ?

But fun was had by all, and the meal we enjoyed there was very nice too.
Restaurant Menus...
What the hell AM I eating ??

At some point in the evening, though, you get a feeling there's going to be lots of trouble sometimes. Usually, you're right.
Jeroen is psychic

Béné decided it was high time for him and his wife to travel home, since they still had a long drive ahead of them. It was nice of them to come and I hope they'll join us again at whichever next event Probeersel members will get together.
Meanwhile, the rest of our little group walked back to the Cul de Sac. Where, indeed, more trouble was to follow.

I'll let the following few pictures speak for themselves..

The walk home gave us a few interesting opportunities, such as posing magazine-style under an overpass:
brave new heroes.

And we passed by a car with a plastic chair on its roof. It looked very weird.

But alas, the rest of the evening will remain undisclosed. Especially since we by then stopped taking pictures. So, here endeth the first edition of P-day...

... with an appropriate pun.

Hmmmmmm. After this photo series, my reputation as a respectable journalist will definitely be ruined. Thanks René! ;)
You're quite welcome, Jeroen ;)

I think, by the way, that you, Troy and Bandirah forgot to take some T-shirts with you that were promised to you. And I still have Troy's original drawings, one of which was promised to Bandirah as well. We really should figure this stuff out sometime when we're NOT drunk.
Wish I could've come along but I was going to the UK the next week. Better luck next time I guess :)
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