Friday, August 06, 2004

6:05 PM - posted by StatusNil:Arnhem: Bal du Rat Mort 2004  --- 2 comments

Bal du Rat Mort !I was at the Bal du Rat Mort event in Arnhem (Netherlands) today (Friday) to check it out and had a fun day under a bright sun. I went there semi-anonymous to check it out and take a break from everything for a day, but it's such an interesting and informal gathering of artists and public that I think I might go there tomorrow (Saturday) again. If I do go, I'll be handing out Probeersel.com T-shirts, so if you see me, be really really nice to me, especially if you're a very gorgeous young woman, and there might just be a really nice T-shirt in it for ya.
If I'm not there, I was swamped in other activities and I apologise. You should still go, though, because there is loads and loads to see. The Bal du Rat Mort is a sub-event of the Theateravenue which is organized there all this weekend, with all sorts of tents that host some very interesting and entertaining performances by musicians, artists, circus folk, etcetera. It's also set in the gorgeous Sonsbeekpark and that's worth going there by itself, especially with the current weather. So everyone go there damnit !

So, ah, any "very gorgeous young women" get T-shirts? Myu.
Yep, several ! And an equal amount of attractive men was handed a shirt as well, of course.
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