Tuesday, July 20, 2004

11:43 AM - posted by StatusNil:I Have A Feeling We're Not In Atlantis Anymore.  --- 3 comments

Shucks.I reported earlier that Nozzman was trying to find out if there were enough artists interested to join in a live comics jam on the Atlantis festival. Unfortunately, not enough artists showed interest, so the whole thing's off.
Bummer. Maybe better luck next year.
Any interest in perhaps organising a live event just for the Probeersel peeps ? I know the Cul de Sac would be interested in hosting it. Well, just let me know - other comic artists are welcome to sign up as well, of course !
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i am not sure if i am interested in a live drawing session. but i think it would be nice if we all could get together sometime. i like to draw in the save quarters of my own home. in the dark. drunk.
meebie wie koed also ko to valkenswaard in de last wiekent of okust. wie ken wer fannie hets ent tiesjurts end joe ken weef an ambrella, renee.
I have no clue who wrote this. Perhaps next time you should also mention your name, dear Anonymous. Unless I am *not* supposed to know you ?
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