Wednesday, July 28, 2004

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Yay !!!As the talk with Reinder seems to be slowly winding down to an end (I could be wrong though) here's another two bits of exciting news.

Right now we're trying to organise a get-together for the Probeersel members. Initially we were even considering a comics jam but I'd really have to pull in some favors to get it arranged on this short a notice (place to host it, advertising to make sure there'll be a crowd to draw for) so I'm kind of glad that most of the members don't seem to be too enthousiastic about jamming live. But it looks like we will arrange for an informal get-together, albeit that I suspect none of our American members will be able to make it. Pity.. maybe better luck next time, who knows. In any case, I think it'll be fun, and who knows, perhaps I'll take my camera with me and get some nice pictures for you fans and/or for members who couldn't make it. We'll see. More on that later, perhaps.
Since we're keeping it informal, I won't disclose the location or the time. We wouldn't want the places we'll go to swarming with our fans, now, would we ? ;)

In other news.. we have a very promising new applicant who may just become member number TEN ! The staff is still consulting and we're hoping to get a bit more information about his plans to publish on Probeersel and about himself, but I personally am excited just with the possibility of getting him on board. His work looks great and I just love this person's name !
Heh heh. And I'll refrain from disclosing any further information on that, as well, since nothing's official yet.

Yes, I am a cruel, cruel man.

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