Wednesday, June 23, 2004

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And Cecile's still a hottie.The Saiso girls noticed the review I wrote for their site on our links page and they copied it proudly onto their weblog. I've noticed some other people doing the same, like Mr. Satanism, and even Marq van Broekhoven, although in his case he proudly displayed the fact that I don't care too much for his Plintkabouter comics. I must, however, admit that I like some of his other work a whole lot better, and that he's a rather intelligent guy with a reasonable knowledge of the comics world, and ever since I met him in person I also must admit he's a rather friendly and funny guy. Makes you wonder why his 'Peer' comics are crap. Luckily he doesn't consider it his own greatest work, either.

It's weird how it gets contageous when people start posting responses to their site and yours is in there. Technically, this is the second time I bring them up - or third, if you count the fact that MY text is on THEIR site now. I should have gotten copyright.

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