Wednesday, June 30, 2004

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Wow, already again ?!According to the "What's so special about today?" section on Probeersel, it's been three years since I launched the short story "Chalk" and started the The Artificial Real story collection. Since then, I've only added "Rock". I guess it's high time I free my hands and at least launch another chapter (I've got several of them semi-written down) to at least make it appear like there's some regularity in the updates on this series. Shame on me !
Ten years earlier than that, though, the first Bone album was published - some time in July. That makes for 13 years of time that this series has ran, and just today I read an announcement over at BoneVille that shipping of the ninth and final album, both hard- and softcover, will start some time this month (July). 9 Albums in 13 Years. At least TAR isn't going at THAT pace yet - I'll give Jeff Smith credit for launching the 'Rose' miniseries as well as the Big Johnson Bone book in the meantime, though. That guy is one mean comicdrawing machine and I can't wait to get the series complete. René out.

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