Saturday, June 26, 2004

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I do hope they come back.For those who have been paying attention to Probeersel.com's activities, or even more specifically my own, you may have noticed that we like Reasons Why We Rule. Unfortunately, for over a week now, their site is down because they've exceeded the hosting limits from their hosting provider. So all week there's been a "Site bandwidth exceeded" page on there instead. A real pity, because Matt puts up an average of three new episodes every week and it's always been worth checking out. Their forum is also populated by various interesting people - no 'celebrities' like on the Comics Journal Forum or Stripliefhebbers forum, but just ordinary yet very interesting everyday people with original, funny postings and great ideas and comments. Once we get a forum on Probeersel.com (at some point it'll be on top of our to-do list, trust me) I can only hope we get even slightly as interesting a crowd together on there as they have. And I've already before offered Matt immediate access to Probeersel.com if he ever decides to stop the Reasons Why We Rule stuff, he's an interesting artist with a great sense of humour (he refused, of course, which I can't blame him for because his co-peration with Justin has always yielded great results). I also enjoyed the few occasions we worked together, and had he been of drinking age I have no doubt we would have had even more fun when I met up with him, Justin and Rob in Philly last year.
I hope they make it back online soon. I am not sure what we can do, but if anyone knows of good hosting with better bandwith than they had (I think it's similar to ours, so 'fair use' which means 'do not exceed 3 Gigs') for cheap prices, or if you want to send some money their way to help out, just contact us. I may still have a way or two to reach them if necessary.

Matt, Justin, get yer asses back online. We miss ya.

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