Tuesday, June 29, 2004

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Let's Get AtlanticSatan has resurfaced again ! And he claims to have four new episodes of Macadamia ready to upload, so we should expect to see new material appearing soon - then again, he's popped up several times the past year, so if anyone wants to start a little wager wether or not Macadamia will continue anytime soon yes or no, might be interesting. I'm hoping he will get round to uploading new stuff soon, since the comic went off to a great start and I've been anxiously awaiting new episodes of this witty, sarcastic 3D comic series.
In other news: Dutch freelance comic artist Nozzman is semi-involved with the Atlantis festival: he works for the company that designed the site and last year he was a 'live comic artist' there, which was met with great enthousiasm. Enough enthousiasm for the organisation to consider an entire room for live comic artists this year. So he's trying to find out who'd be interested - I might be, especially if other Probeersel artists would like to go. So how about it fellas ? Since the festival is in Roosendaal, it seems logical that only the Dutch and Belgian members need to think about it, it's a bit too far for our American members to travel to (unless they happen to be in the neighbourhood two months from now). Of course, this could also be a great opportunity for other Dutch and Belgian artists - he's started a thread about it on Stripster.nl where you can also read how to contact him to express your interest.

Alright, back to work again. Later folks.

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