Sunday, June 13, 2004

12:20 PM - posted by StatusNil:About Testing And FarScape  --- 2 comments

Testing, One Two ThreeAlright - with the help of Sionnain for figuring out which code to put into the template, and with the help of Blogger Help pages, we switched on the comments. Personally I think that if you want to be able to post something that people can respond to publically and you can then reply and they can reply etc. you should really just get a forum and not publish a blog, but hey, people like commenting on blogs so to hell with it. Now you can.
In other 'eager to please people' news, Worst Case Scenario is completely dedicated to FarScape this whole week, so (Dutch) fans of the show should definately go check it out. And of course, for about an hour and a half after midnight last night, the comic displayed the wrong episode - 'luckily' I was still up and about to correct that.
So now you guys got comments and FarScape-themed episodes. Rejoice !

Testing ! Looks like this works - by jove !
Thanks to Sionnain for most of the work - and thanks to Blogger for having server errors earlier today.
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