Sunday, May 23, 2004

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Wow.Perhaps you all remember my regret about my initial response to the webcomics selection in the new Dutch Stripmuseum. Well, as I explained, this was based merely on the pictures I saw of the pillars, which gave a bad idea of what I could really find there. Then, shortly after, I decided to take back the expression of regret because, after all, I'm entitled to a nuance-free opinion in the light of my 'profession'.
Today, I was in the Stripmuseum. I saw the webcomics selection. And besides having had a great time there (in the museum itself) I have to admit I'm impressed after all. It's a good selection, tipping my hat to Reinder there. And as I understand, this is before the new update, so I'll anxiously await the updated selection now.
Meanwhile, Probeersel.com is mentioned TWICE in that collection. That's right - first of all, we're one of the collectives named in the summary of Dutch web comics podias. While that's not entirely accurate - we're not Dutch, we're international, with semi-coincidentally a large percentage of Dutch folk on board - it's an honour, since we're mentioned alongside Stripster, NuComics and Cutie. Definately the best known players on the Dutch market where webcomics are involved.
Then, in the collection Stripster made available to the museum exhibit, a few pages of The Grim DotCom can actually be found ! With, of course, a link to Probeersel.com ! So if I ever complain about lack of exposure, and theorize about conspiracy theories within the media, again, kick me, because I witnessed our initiative getting some sweet lovin' today.
Ahhh. I am proud. Just wanted to share that with you all.

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