Friday, May 14, 2004

5:49 PM - posted by StatusNil:Why Cartoonists Make Lousy Reporters  --- 3 comments

Crap.I just realised something earlier today while posting on the Stripliefhebbersforum. There's a reporter who posts there a lot called Peter Breedveld, and I cracked this little joke about him calling my comics crap which he responded quite seriously to. I realised that it's comic artist's job to vent straight, uncensored, unnuanced opinions and remarks, and it's journalists' job to actually nuance everything to the bone to make sure it corresponds with the truth. The jester and the herald, so to speak.
That's probably also why I hated the thought I'd have to watch my big mouth (see previous post) because I'm a comic artist, dangit. I'm gonna damn well write what I like - I'm not a reporter, after all. So yeah, my completely biased and uninformed opinion of the webcomics exhibit was that it focussed on comics that don't represent what's out there too well in my view - it may be way off the mark, but that's how I perceived it. Then again, I'm going to go to the museum soon (hopefully this weekend if I get round to it) and I'll make sure to give that exhibit a good amount of my time. So yeah. Expect an obnoxious loudmouth when I post, but they're just opinions and often I don't even mean it.
I'm just a jester :)

Best regards from NY!
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