Wednesday, May 19, 2004

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spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam bacon and eggsI don't think I've laughed so damn hard in quite a while as I did yesterday !
Jean-Paul Arends, comic artist behind daily comic 'Scribbly' from the Dutch 'Metro' newspaper, has admitted before that he's a semi-fan of the comic that Joep and I are doing for one year (and we're wayyyy over halfway), Worst Case Scenario. To make a long story short, he spammed the Stripster forum by posting the comic's eternal punchline, "Wilt u daar ook worstjes bij ?", in every thread. The owner of the site stopped him after about 25, 30 threads were contaminated or so, after which a huge discussion arose because he took it so seriously, so the thread about that joke became divided between people who laughed their asses off about it, people who seemed to be attacking the owner, and the owner.
The thread is still alive as I write this, however, by now everything's cooled off and René Janssen, a Dutch freelance illustrator, had put two Worst Case Scenario jokes online. So of course I promptly asked if it was OK if I used it in the regular series, with due credit and link to his website, of course, and he agreed.
So I don't get why everyone's always so opposed to spam ?? Joep and I won't have to draw any Worst Case Scenarios for Friday and Saturday because of it, so you don't hear us complaining... *wink*

Also thought I'd update everyone that the aspiring member thanked us for our feedback but didn't seem to think he'd be up to our desired level of quality. I'm sorry to read it, I seriously saw a bit of potential in his drawings. But in any case, that tenth member still has to apply, so if anyone still wants to place that bet ?

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