Sunday, May 16, 2004

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staff update !Out of the blue, we receive email from Satan letting us know he's alive and intends to resume the Macadamia strips ! Woooo ! I'm excited, seriously. The comic was off to a good start and I really like his work and sense of humour. So I hope he does get to resume the comic :)
We're also approached by a new applicant. I'm not going into details yet because the entire staff's not quite sure wether or not this person's Probeersel.com material or not. We requested them to send in more material that will give us a better idea of what they can add to our community. So we don't know if this is the tenth member already - however, several dozen people have now over time applied for the site, and less than half have been accepted.
Redeeming factor in the indecision was that the submitted material consisted of loose scribbles, and Sionnain was quick to point out that the way people submit to our community should already tell us something about them, or how they view us. And she has a point ! If you submit loose scribbles to join our community, you seem to be under the impression that that's what we're looking for, that we're the kind of community that publishes that.
Sure, several of our artists have gone on temporary hiatus, and the artistic styles on our site vary a lot, but the artistic merit of heavily-criticised-for-drawing-style work like Troy Titane's or Gregory Cathalina's actually is worshipped by part of our audience, and always has additional quality that makes it art. We do not just publish scribbles. So please, if you're submitting, give us a clear idea of what you can do. Otherwise we're just not gonna even discuss it anymore. Crap work is crap work.
Anyway, thought I'd update everyone !

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