Saturday, May 08, 2004

4:47 PM - posted by StatusNil:Anyone Wanna Place A Little Bet ?  ---

The House Always WinsWe have another aspiring community member - his name is Bandirah and he's going to send us some audition material. I have a feeling - just from his email - that he'll be doing something very interesting, but we'll just see. If his stuff IS interesting enough, we'll have a ninth member on board, which brings me to a little betting pool I want to propose amongst us Probeersel folk: When do you think we'll hit ten ? Not counting Tom as a member here, since he IS staff but not one of the artists, mind you, otherwise we'd hit ten with the first artist that joins next, Bandirrah or not. But stuff's getting exciting ! When I steered this site's course away from just the Probeersel books towards an artist community, I wouldn't have dreamed to have so close to ten people on board this quickly, let alone such talented ones. I would like to raise a glass on all you loyal Probeersel folks, and to all future community joiners the future will bring us !
Now - I'm betting we'll hit ten before August. I'll wager a whopping 5 Euros on that. What do you guys think ? ;)

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