Wednesday, April 14, 2004

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Ouch.Alright, the bill for the site just came in again. It's a bit sooner than expected, 'Cause after al, the site doesn't exist for two years yet, does it ? Or am I really losing track... geez. Anyway, it's pricey. On a yearly basis it's still incredibly cheap, but since I only get this bill once a year and have to cough it all up within 10 days, it can seem a bit hefty.
Anyway, I'm not complaining. It keeps our initiative worldwide available for free to all, which was the point, right ?

It's one of those moments that I'm always forced to re-evaluate the worth of Probeersel.com in my mind. And I look at what we've archieved, which promising artists have popped up, which people have paid attention to our initiative, how much our visitor's growth has been, and most importantly, how much fun we've had.

And, well. THEN it's a bargain. Just thought I'd share that thought :)

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