Sunday, April 18, 2004

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Closer And Closer To Ten...We may have a new member joining our community soon. His name is Patrick G. Smith, and those of you part of this site's staff have already seen his huge attachment when he sent us a page of his comic.
Here's a reminder, first of all, to all new applicants: please, if you're sending us a sample of your comic, keep the image size below 500k ! Wayyyyyy below if possible - we just need to get an IDEA of what you're gonna do, there's no need to send us print-quality BMP's n such.
It just clutters up our mailboxes and forces us to delete your email, since email storage is part of the total storage space we rent at our hosting company. So big emails means we lose space we could otherwise post comics up in. I'll try to keep available space bigger than what we're actually using, at all times, but when you send us huge emails, you're making that quite difficult for me. So please, don't.

Anyway, Patrick's stuff looks good in my opinion. So if he's interested in joining our collective, I'll set up his account and whatnot. He hasn't responded yet.
If he does join, that'd make 8 members by now, wouldn't it ? That's not bad - not bad at all :) That's twice as many total artists as there are staff members, and one staff member isn't an artist here, so we're doing well. A group of nine, essentially. Wonder when exactly we'll hit ten. And then, when we'll hit fifty. And more.. as long as my wallet (or funding from any other source that will allow us to stay independent - I'll be looking into that in the future) can handle it, I say keep the artists coming. At least as long as they are PROMISING. We've had to turn down at least as many artists as have joined (as the staff well knows). After all, without quality selection, we might as well be Yahoo!Geocities, or Keenspace (I'm not referring to Keenspot here !), and that would mean several things. One, we'd have to get major funding off the ground, which'd mean either a coorporation buys us, or we'd have banner advertising n stuff. I hate both ideas.
We're an independent, censor-less, cultural initiative operating on an international scope. Commerce, censorship, those are things you will (hopefully) NEVER see on Probeersel.com. We're making art, folks, and we're sharing it with you for free. That's what we're all about.

So here's a few little questions to my staff and the other artists on board. When I set up this blog, I basically invited all the artists and staff to publish on here as well. Do you think it'd be wise to do the same with newly joined members ? I personally think we should give every member full (non-staff) access from day one, since he or she has been made a member because we trust they'll add something of value to our community. This trust means that no matter what they publish on the Probeersel site, all censorship is off. Should we do the same on the blog as well ? I could decide for myself, but we're running a COMMUNITY here, so I really would like your input, guys.

And um... do any of the Probeersel audience ever read this blog ? Or can we just as well take that 'blog' link out of the page headers ? Don't hesitate to let us know.

Alright, that's all for me today. Now let's see if Patrick still wants to be a part of our crew :)

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