Saturday, April 03, 2004

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Ack !Yes, yes, I got the damn date wrong on The Grim DotCom. What can I say in my defense ? I dunno, maybe I have a bit too much on my plate, with having worked on a daily Worst Case Scenario, having done the Penguism prequel episodes, The Grim DotCom (which lacked new storyboards until a few days ago), a guest comic here and there, a 24 Hour Comic, restructuring the Probeersel books, the stress surrounding the recent new server crash which disabled some new site functionality, my own actual paying job, the household, the shadow of a social life, keeping track of online comics news and generally being a damn nice guy.
Perhaps it was alcohol-induced.
Perhaps I looked over the weekly planning for the episodes while still half asleep.
Perhaps I couldn't wait for Easter because it means an extra day off which I can use for comics or relaxation, and so my subconscience put it a week earlier in my head. I dunno. Fact remains, it's not Easter yet, so I had to shift an intermission episode ahead of schedule. Buttttt - that means, to me, that I have room for an extra intermission, and I get to shove the storyline I'm so dreading to put into storyboards, ahead another week. And as anyone working on long storylines probably knows, putting a completely unrelated intermission in between and getting away with it, is great fun. We all forgive Tatsuya Ishada for quite regularly doing that, and the Grim's popularity hasn't decreased with the intermissions so far, either. So I'm looking forward to it (it will appear in just another few weeks) but I also have to come up with it now. So. An intermission, that's related to the comic, but not in the storyline, and that will fit in the state the characters and the story so far are in. Shouldn't be TOO difficult.
Anyway. Thought I'd semi-apologise and explain here. Don't go looking for eggs yet. It's next week.

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