Tuesday, April 06, 2004

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That's right - Worst Case Scenario got a literary edge to it as of today. I was so fed up with all the news lately about the comic artists turning renowned novels into graphic novels - especially Dick Matena who will soon be done with Gerard Reve's De Avonden, and who, though it's not a small archievement, gets majorly overhyped in my opinion (I read them) - that I thought it was time for a little parody. I took a few of Franz Kafka's most famous books and stories, and turned them into cartoons like the above in five minutes time each. The method ? Copy the very first line of the book (two of them start out with the very concept of the book, explained in the very first line, after which this strange situation is basically examined from all sorts of angles) and then a clever second line that either says 'eventually he died' (which was the case with the beforementioned two) or 'eventually this story was never finished'. Kafka was well-known for taking ages with his books and often not finishing various of his stories, so parodying that in five minutes time each was very funny to me.
I dunno. Just my strange sense of humour I guess. Still. What do you guys think, should I try more of these ? Not with Kafka anymore, obviously, but with other writers ? Any ideas ? Don't hesitate to email them to me if you have any.

Also soon to come.. the 'halfway' episode. Yes, that means we're nearly halfway the 365 episodes ! Cause for a little celebration I'd say.

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