Tuesday, April 20, 2004

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Who Needs Sleep ?!For anyone who hasn't been paying attention to the online comics buzz - unlike certain webmasters of this site with jobs that enable them to surf endlessly and read up on everything, PAID (you may envy me) - there's another 24 Hour Comic day coming up.
In fact, many would say this is THE 24 Hour Comic Day. It celebrates 10 years of 24 Hour Comics since Scott McCloud first invented it, and the book that will be published (or is already published ? Unclear to me) containing 9 of the best ones, hand-picked by Scott himself.
They chose the 24th of the 4th of 2004 because the date seemed ideal for it, both in a numerological-poetic way and in matters of convenience. It's next Saturday, folks - yes, that's short notice if you hadn't heard of it yet.
So what is a 24 Hour Comic ? Please, don't make me explain. The official rules are here. The boil-down version is that you make a 24 page comic book from scatch within 24 hours time.
Since this year was a Leap Year, on Feb 29th several Probeersel.com artists undertook their own attempts at one, and Steve Troop joined in on the fun. I personally thought it was a very intriguing experience, but I don't think I'm gonna join in on the event on next Saturday, regardless of how historical it is. I'm beat and I have loads of other stuff to do, to be honest. However, if not a single Dutch comic artists participates, I may have to defend our fair country's honor and try my hand at another one, after all. We'll see.
However, if any of you want to participate, and if you happen to be a Probeersel.com artist (yes, I'm talking to seven rather specific people here) I can probably re-use the code I used for the 29th so you can upload your own work 'live' as proof to your audience that the comic was completed in the necessary time frame. I guess that's why I'm posting this - I want to find out if anyone's interested. If not, I'm not gonna bother rewriting Perl code when I could be spending my time otherwise. But if anyone wants to take a crack at it next Saturday, please, let me know on time.

Another point of interest may be that there's a completely new variant of the 24HC coming up May 1st, initiated by Barry T. Smith. You can read more about that here, but the general idea is not to whip out a 24 page 'loose' comic in the 24 hours, but basically sit down and jot down as many comics of your regular series as you can in 24 hours. It's a good chance to get caught up if you've been behind on schedule or if you want to create a backstash, and it may just show you how much work you can do in that amount of time if you really put your mind to it.

Well, just thought I'd point it out to you folks. Let me know. You know how to contact me :)

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