Thursday, March 25, 2004

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Another Rant By MeEvery once in a while you get one of those great, hole-in-the-market, genious ideas. I just had one.
It's loosely based on some ideas other comics had. I'll mention them first.
For several years now, the brilliant online strip Slow Wave has worked with a relatively genius concept: get people to send in their weirdest dreams, and Jesse Reklaw will draw them. Yes, I sent in my own at one time, and was quite happy with the end result. He's done a nice job so far, his comic's often discussed, and its popularity is very high, resulting in the situation where you submit your dream and the waiting list is so long it could take a year or more before he gets round to yours. In any case, the success story there is: the readers get to participate. And the comic, essentially, writes itself.
Now, the Dutch daily newspaper comic strip S1ngle has a Saturday special feature: you can go to the site and basically 'ask' one of the characters out on a date. Each Saturday someone who's submitted their information MAY actually find himself in the strip, on a date with the character of his choice. It's a great gimmick, and once again, it increases popularity through interaction, and even though it doesn't quite write itself, you've got a nice base to work from.

It got me thinking. And here's what I'm considering starting to do:

You can send in your information about yourself - picture, name, personal info, anything you consider relevant, and also make sure to let someone close to you know about this. Then, when you die, that person can notify me and I will let you have a guest appearance in The Grim DotCom. You will be immortalised in a great, increasingly popular webcomic, and best yet, through interaction and with a readily-provided base for the episode, it'll make my work easier and the comic more popular.
This idea's gonna be a hit. I just know it. And after all, most people who archieve fame only do so posthumously, so why not do so in my comic ?
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to brood on some other great ideas now.

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