Friday, March 26, 2004

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Another Rant By MeThe Dutch site Stripster.nl features weekly editions showcasing various comics. They occasionally have a theme week, which usually makes for interesting collections of comics and artists to sort of come together. Right now their Music edition just went online, and guess what ? It features some of my work *proud glow* well, of course you're supposed to send in your work if you want it to be in that edition and as far as I know nobody's ever really been refused, but still. I'm in there - it's a nice historical and styles crossection, too: one edition of Finish The Story And Colour The Pictures (I think I did those in, what, 1994 originally and then the computer versions in 1998 or so ?), several Worst Case Scenarios (since I decided on a 'music' theme week myself there once, resulting in 7 music-related episodes) and of course The Grim DotCom, where Jim Morrisson has made his spectacular return to life, this time in comic form, aiding and assisting the staff of dead people there, and of course, fighting the system from within. Dead celebraties need something to do, too, you know.
In any case, it might bring a new gulf of curious people to our Probeersel site over the next week, which is always a good thing. So I thought I'd blog it in case you guys were interested...

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