Tuesday, October 19, 2004

1:58 PM - posted by Probatom:Phew, almost done!  --- 2 comments

It took several weekends and evenings of my time, but now it's almost finished: I've rewritten a large part of the site's engine, replacing the file-based data storage with a MySQL database. The result is that the number of lines of code is more than halved (and the number of bytes has been reduced by 44,3% (yes, I also spend my time sometimes with useless stuff, such as this calculation)). Everything seems to be working correclty now, but more testing needs to be done, before we throw it online.

So, what benefits does this effort have for you? Well, actually, there should hardly be any difference between the old and new engine. Well, at least not visually. The new engine is a lot faster though, so the difference is that it is less likely that the site will be thrown offline due to high serverloads. And with 1500 nice booklets being distributed, the traffic to the server might increase...

And I'd like to take the opportunity to praise Tom for all his hard work on this. I couldn't have done it without you, man - yes, we still have some work left to do, but most has already been done and it seems to work really well - and indeed also seems to be a lot faster !
I have complete faith we can get it online by the time the Str!pdagen start !
Once again: Thank you, Tom ! The new engine is live and running smoothly ! Enjoy your weekend off and don't worry, we'll keep an eye on things :)
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