Monday, July 12, 2004

5:41 AM - posted by Probatom:Webcams?  --- 2 comments

Can be nice. I don't know how this stuff is generally implemented, but if the streams go trhough the probeersel.com server, it might take too much bandwidth. But let's not worry too much about this now, there are more important things, such as a new site engine and RSS feeds.

Btw, hi out there, I'm a non-artist member of Probeersel.com, helping out with the technical parts :)

Most commonly these webcams are merely implemented as static images that are periodically updated, not streaming media. Not sure if streaming media would be interesting, but the webcam pics usuages I've seen so far (RWWR has a nice page of examples) are popular and not at all a bad assett to our site. It was just a thought, anyway.

And hi Probatom, glad to see Greg and I aren't the only ones posting ;) Also, you may have noticed we got the comments to work, so you could have just added a comment to the other post.. but this works too :)
I had an interesting talk at the Cul de Sac last night, where someone (the owner) suggested live broadcasts of episodes being drawn. So, for instance, the day before an announcement could appear on the site 'Tomorrow between 8 and 10, René will be drawing a Grim DotCom episode, LIVE, and you can see it here !'
I laughed first but it intrigues me.
But yes, you have a very clear point: the CMS and everything else should come first. Still, it could be damn cool :)
Speaking of which: how *is* our CMS doing ? ;)
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